Sacred Heart

St John Stone


5.30pm Mass
1st Mass of Sunday 

9.15am Morning Prayer
9.30am Mass
then adoration until 11am
Sunday 9.00am Mass with Little Church
10.30am Mass with Choir & Little Church

5pm Mass

Monday9.15am Morning Prayer
9.30am Liturgy of Word & Communion
Tuesday 8.45am Adoration
9.15am Morning Prayer
9.30am Mass
Wednesday9.15am Morning Prayer
9.30am Mass
6.30pm Soulcare Meditation
7.30pm Sharing Scripture

9.15am Morning Prayer
9.30am Mass
then Adoration till 11am
Friday8.45 Adoration
9.15am Morning Prayer
9.30am Mass

6.30pm Soulcare Meditation
7.30pm Our Lady of Good Counsel’s Guild Mass (3rd Friday of month)





Mass times during the week are subject to change if there is a Requiem Mass.

Weekday Mass may be replaced by Liturgy of Word & Communion if the priest is unavailable.
The current week’s Masses are shown in the Parish Newsletter (link in the top ‘What’s On’ menu).

Baptismal dates are:

HeartStone Baptism Enquiry Form

2017 Christening Welcome

5th November at 9am Mass at Sacred Heart

3rd December at 9am Mass at Sacred Heart

2017 Baptism Preparation at 11.30am at St John Stone:

5th November, 3rd December

2017 Baptisms at 12.30pm
12th November (Sacred Heart)

10th December (Sacred Heart)

2018 dates are:

Christening Welcome during Mass at either 9am at Sacred Heart or 10.30 at St John Stone

then Baptism Preparation meeting at 11.30am in St John Stone

Baptism Dates
7th Jan14th Jan at Sacred Heart Church
4th Feb11th Feb
4th Mar11th Mar
1st Apr8th Apr
6th May13th May
3rd June10th June
1st July8th July
 5th Aug12th Aug
2nd Sept9th Sept
7th Oct14th Oct
4th Nov11th Nov
 2nd Dec9th Dec

For the Christening Welcome mass, grandparents and godparents are invited to attend but it isn’t essential if they live some distance away.