1. Blessed are you Lord God of all Creation.

All that we have, all that we are comes to us from your hands.

From your many gifts we bring you this bread and wine, food and drink.

Let them become the symbols of the lives we offer you in our mass.

See in this bread all that we do, all the work and effort in our world today, all the longing and aspiration, the creativity and the accomplishment. 

All the beauty and relationships that build us up, make us one and bring us to gratitude

And see in this wine what is crushed and lost in that process, the cost of our living. 

All our hurt and suffering, our sins, our failings, our frustration. 

All the violence and cruelty in the world, the fear that drives us to selfishness and cynicism.

Take these our gifts which we place in the hands of Jesus your Son. 

Take our lives. Make us into his body and blood that we – even we – in himm may become food for eternal life.


Blessed be God for ever.  Blessed be God for ever.


A Prayer for Guidance

Out of darkness lead us to your light

From illusion free us for your truth

Still our stormy minds and calm all our striving

Lord of  all  life, with life make us one


May our hearts be open to your  love

May Christ’s Holy Spirit move in  us,

in  all our thoughts and feelings,

hopes,  desires and choices.

Father in us may your will be done

The Prayer of Resurrection:

I love you Jesus my love above all things. You have called me to share in your Risen life and glory.

May you Holy Spirit make me a servant of your kingdom.



Resources from the Archdiocese of Liverpool now include:

  • Christian homemaking
  • Dealing with the COVID-19 crisis for the divorced or separated
  • Messy Church at home
  • Sustaining faith in difficult times: the Word of God

All can be accessed/downloaded at https://www.liverpoolcatholicresources.com/ or through http://www.liverpoolcatholic.org.uk/ by clicking on ‘Prayer and Other Resources’.

Archbishop Malcolm invites us to pray together with him through these times:

God Our Father, each person is precious to You.
You are the Giver of life.
Have mercy on us and protect us at this time, 
as the Coronavirus threatens health and life.
You are an ever-present Helper in time of trouble.
Watch over those who are suffering, 
give strength to those who are aiding the sick and give courage to all in this time of anxiety.
We ask this of you in the name of your Son, Jesus Christ.


Prayers for families adjusting to new ways of life
Holy Spirit, as families adjust to being at home – with businesses and schools closed, we ask that you guide people in their new realities. Give us grace for each other.

Lord, thank you for all key workers, as they serve our communities, we ask that you bless and protect them from contracting COVID-19.

In Jesus’ name, Amen


Prayers of Hope

Churches Together in England has a poster to encourage #PrayersOfHope.

Download the poster below. There’s one for you if you can print in colour, or a black & white version if you prefer, or one to colour in.

St Paul tells us to pray continually. However, it helps to know that others are also praying at a specific time, so we encourage you to pray at 7pm each Sunday evening. If you want to join in online prayer, there are two options of which we are aware:

‘Praying for you, praying for everyone’ posters

‘We are praying’ posters