Living the Love of Christ:  everyone welcome, everyone matters, everyone involved.

The Living Christ Retreat began in the Archdiocese 15 years ago under the leadership of the Irenaeus Team, who provide the outlines for all the talks, prayer services, and handouts used. It is organised and carried out by trained leaders from the HeartStone parish community in Ainsdale.  

The retreat runs on Friday evening and all-day Saturday, finishing with Mass. The retreat format requires all participants join in the whole retreat. The next Retreat will be 13th and 14th September 2024 – do check our newsletter for updates.

The Living Christ Retreat offers us a great opportunity to:

  • listen to well-presented talks from the team members, sharing of thoughts and experiences of Christ in our lives in a down to earth way. 
  • help us become more reflective, seeking, challenging, and more able to express our inner thoughts and feelings. 
  • notice afresh how God is present, both in our everyday lives and in the world. 
  • listen to God’s voice and to ask ourselves what it is that God is asking me to do so that I am living my faith fully.  
  • help us to use our gifts and talents in service of our community and our world so that God’s Kingdom becomes a reality. 

We do this by sharing prayerful conversation, in a safe space to speak Jesus. Sharing only as much as you are comfortable with with food and good company guaranteed!  

Reserve your place by emailing [email protected]