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5th April 2020

Now is the TESTING Time! The “Holy Week” of Jesus’s life is when he “can’t not” confront further the religion and culture up to that point in human evolution. His loving obedience to the Father’s actual ways leads him, as the other great prophets had, to take the truth into the heart, the centre, the core –
– of Jerusalem, the city and temple of God’s chosen people
– of the world’s politics, power and inequalities
– of any person who would welcome him in

This is the culmination and climax of what we began in the wilderness temptations – the trials and testing from his Baptism onwards lead him to face even fuller trials in 

Gethsemane, the Roman courts, the religion of his time and his Passion. He proves triumphant through continuous humility, and faithful loving in hostile circumstances.

What we began at the start of Lent has led us to this week in the liturgy:
– what will help you make it the Holy Week? How will you plan your time?
– though distanced we share communally in trials and testings in the Coronavirus era
–  what do you ask God for this Easter: for yourself, our church, the world?
The promise of Jesus at the Ash Wednesday liturgy was :
“…pray… fast… give in secret…and your Father who sees all that is done in secret will reward you.”
Who would have thought that those words wuld be so shockingly true this year because of social distancing, closing of churches and the stay at home regulations!

May our Lenten efforts uncover then heal all that is weak, defective or sinful in our hearts;

May our prayer bring out, then strengthen all that is upright, strong and good in us.

How does a locked down Easter call to you to make changes?

Coronavirus Prayer Leaflet


Christ has come – Christ is coming – Christ will come again

Sharing the Mission of Jesus:

Lord, I thank you for the wonder of my being, and for all the goodness in my life.

I thank you that you have called me that I might make a difference in the world in which you have placed me.

Open my heart more fully to your Spirit, that I may rejoice in all that you have done and will do in me and through me.    Amen



Jesus Christ is uniting our community of HeartStone in its Vision and Mission

so that all might find a place of welcome, prayer and loving outreach when in need

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