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HeartStone news 10th Nov 2019


God is the God of the living is the joyous declaration of the Scriptures, and those who are related to him and related in love to the Eternal One, and they are Eternally Alive! Jesus the Risen One who showed this truth to his followers by returning, combats the cynical and ignorant who wish to ridicule this central truth of being in relationship with God.

Then and now, some people don’t get it, reject it or ridicule and laugh at such profound religious revelation! Irrelevant questions attempt to take central stage – who will marry whom in Heaven? – but Jesus continues his teaching that for those “worthy of a place in the other world and in the resurrection” their relationship with the Eternal God continues eternally, they are children of light!

What other questions today try to knock the profound truths and hopes of our faith?




Called to be saints in today’s world” is where our Theme#1 of the Synod Proposals process leads us! All called and gifted by God is how we approach the discussions, for proposing ways for our Church to improve.


Lord, I thank you for the wonder of my being, and for all the goodness in my life.

I thank you that you have called and gifted me

that I might make a difference in the world in which you have placed me.

Open my heart more fully to your Spirit, that I may rejoice in all that you have done and will do in me and through me.    Amen


You are very welcome to Come and See…

Are you interested in learning more about the Christian faith? Do you have Catholic friends and wonder why Church matters to them? Were you baptised Catholic but never brought up in the faith? Do your children go to Catholic school or do you work in a Catholic school and want to learn more? If you grew up Catholic are you reconsidering your faith ?

It’s free, anyone can come and see – there is no commitment whatsoever!

Prayer for “Come and See”

Heavenly Father, we thank you for the gift of faith

and the strength and joy it brings to our lives.

May your Holy Spirit inspire us to spread your Word

to those seeking you, as we invite them to “Come and See”.

Open their hearts to hear your call and find their way,

with us, to you – the source of true fulfilment.

We ask this through Christ, our Living Lord. Amen.




Jesus Christ is uniting our community of HeartStone in its Vision and Mission

so that all might find a place of welcome, prayer and loving outreach when in need

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