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HeartStone news 15 Sept 2019

God is impossible! So many think overall – even those who love and follow God must find out his ways are incomprehensible, his truth soooo demanding!


God is real – God works in us to make faith possible – faith is real and intelligent!

The demands of true discipleship are many and varied – being a follower of Christ is not always a picnic – and the life of the Christian knows cost and sacrifice as well as joy and beauty.

The Scriptures of these coming weeks lay out the hard realities,


still call us to deepen our discipleship and reach out to new people to dare to accept God’s invitation: Come and See!


We are committed to continuing our journey together, caring for our Common Home. Please join us, as Pope Francis calls, in reflecting on our responsibilities and making simple daily gestures to care for the world’s poorest people for future generations and for the earth, our common home. This is our opportunity as a Catholic community to live wisely, think deeply, and love generously.

Care of our Common Home


End of Life and Bereavement: a faith-led talk by Queenscourt’s Director, Dr Karen Groves, open to all. Especially good for people caring for those nearing the end of life, for Bereavement Team members and for Eucharistic Ministers. In Sacred Heart hall on Sat 14 Sept 2-4pm. Book now: 577722 or email [email protected]


Throughout the year we are ready to welcome new people to walk the way with us, uncovering the presence of God in our lives. At this time especially, we reach out to invite new people.

“Sharing The Good News” sessions on four Tuesday evenings, 7-8pm in SJS, starting 27 Aug is our welcoming, friendly invitation to come and share.

Prayer for “Come and See”

Heavenly Father, we thank you for the gift of faith

and the strength and joy it brings to our lives.

May your Holy Spirit inspire us to spread your Word

to those seeking you, as we invite them to “Come and See”.

Open their hearts to hear your call and find their way,

with us, to you – the source of true fulfilment.

We ask this through Christ, our Living Lord. Amen.




Jesus Christ is uniting our community of HeartStone in its Vision and Mission

so that all might find a place of welcome, prayer and loving outreach when in need

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