SYNOD 2020’s next phase is to draw up Proposals for Action from discussions of the 4 Themes, each with a month dedicated to it.

All are invited to Southport Theme Meetings for Synod Theme #1: “ALL CALLED AND GIFTED BY GOD”
Tuesday 29 Oct: St Teresa’s School Hall 7pm
Wednesday 30 Oct: St Marie’s Marian Centre, 7pm
Friday 1 Nov: Holy Family church hall, 10am
Saturday 2 Nov: St Patrick church Hall 4pm
Saturday 2 Nov: St John Stone church hall, 2pm
Wednesday 6 Nov: Sacred Heart church hall, 7pm

10: Nov Holy Family church hall 10.30

The Synod Prayer Station is in St John Stone’s Church for all to use, adding your prayer and reflection for us becoming the church God is calling us to be.


Lord, I thank you for the wonder of my being, and for all the goodness in my life.

I thank you that you have called and gifted met thatI might make a difference in the world in which you have placed me.

Open my heart more fully to your Spirit, that I may rejoice in all that you have done and will do in me and through me.    Amen

Q1: Where, in your everyday life, do you experience love, truth, goodness, hope and joy?

Q2: When you reflect on your life now, and as you look to the future, what causes you concern or worry

Q3: What is the purpose of the Catholic Church in the world today?

Q4: What are the topics you would like to see on the agenda of Synod 2020?