The Place2Beevery Wednesday, 1-2pm in St John Stone’s Parish Centre, Sandbrook Way, Ainsdale.  A weekly drop-in resource which features guests who can offer confidential advice with day to day problems, plus talks from money-saving experts, police, fire service and benefits advice. There will be refreshments, kid’s holiday packs, and free *food parcels from local bakers/supermarkets/local greengrocers (*when available).

Bingo at St John Stone’s Parish Centre every Wednesday evening, 8pm,


at Sacred Heart hall every Friday evening, 7.45pm

Soulcare Meditation annual retreat at St Joseph’s Freshfield for 4 days: Tuesday 28th August to Saturday 1st September. Open to all, see the Soulcare Meditation page

The LIVING CHRIST RETREAT is a marvellous help in growing in faith. Starts in the evening of Friday 8th March and continues 9th March in St John Stone Parish Hall. Do sign up and join in.


Did you know you can book our lovely halls …

Sacred Heart hall (tel: 01704 573207)

St John Stone Parish hall and Club (tel: 01704 577170 after 7pm or email