HeartStone news 10th March 2019


God is working within us so that we can desire, and do, what is pleasing to God.  Our Lenten living is choosing ways of working at our faith so that God’s working will bear fruit more and more: for ourselves, for our Church, for our world.

Prayer, Fasting and Giving are the traditional ways of making Lent a time for growth in Holy Living. To make space to pray for the sorrows, struggles, sins and shame in ourselves, in our Church and in our world – this is following Christ into the wilderness so that the Spirit can continue the work of transformation into the Body of Christ – lead us to the joy of Easter Life – and share God’s blessings and benefits with all.

Everyone is invited to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the opening of our beautiful St John Stone church on Sunday April 28th with 10.30am Joint Mass (NO 9am Sunday Mass this week). Please sign up at the back of both churches.



Jesus Christ is uniting our community of HeartStone in its Vision and Mission

so that all might find a place of welcome, prayer and loving outreach when in need

Report of Parish Open Forum

POF Report Nov 2018

Parish Priest’s report

PP Report Nov 2018 in A4 format